Your company will work close with our project leader who studies at Chalmers, and therefore have good insight of the university and can help you realize what you’re searching for. Together, we will sort out what your company needs and there after creating a specific candidate profile, in this way we can guarantee you that you’ll get the competence you need. When searching for adequate candidates we follow a well worked through process that are quality secured by our HR-staff.

Our recruitment processes hold high quality – from the first meeting until you have the perfect candidate in your team. Whether you need staffing or recruitment, our high quality process helps us to always find the right student. For a better understanding, we guide you trough the process below.

Contact with the client

At the first meeting our project leader will gladly present Chalmers Rekrytering and how we work, and how we can help you find the perfect new employee. If there is a specific position that needs to be filled, it will be beneficial it that is mentioned during the booking of the meeting. In that case we can prepare better and have a more meaningful meeting.


Every company have a unique culture and looks for different things in a employee. Together, we map the needs and requirements and create a profile that helps us to find the right person.


Because of the fact that we study at Chalmers ourselves, we know everything about the university. We turn to the right section and education in order to reach the right crowd for the job. We use our network to find the top students, and our unique channels for marketing that only we have access to.


When we’re done promoting the job, we choose the searching candidates that fits the best and have an interview with them. The interviews are held by our HR specialists from the University of Gothenburg; therefore we can offer a high quality selection of candidates through a high quality interview


After we have completed all interviews, we compile our view of the candidates and select the best. These candidates will be sent to the client in the form of written presentations.

Interview at the client

Now it’s time for the client to have an interview with the candidate. If the client finds the candidate to fulfil all the requirements and have a good feeling, they can choose to employ him/her. When this happens, our work is done.


We contact all our clients afterwards to hear how they experienced our service in order to secure that we are doing a good job. This helps us to continue develop our process.

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