Regardless of what sort of job you are looking for, we will provide you with meritorious
working experience and invaluable network contacts.

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Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering are the student union’s own recruiting- and staffing company. Our job is to get you the right job. We serve as the link between students and the working sphere, with our large network in the engineer branch we will connect you with the right people for you.

What makes us special is that we solely specialize on the engineer branch. Additionally, all of us who work at Chalmers Rektrytering are students at either Chalmers or University of Gothenburg, which makes us comfortable in knowing which work experience that will add value to your studies.


Meritorous experience

Network contacts

Add value to your studies


Part-time Jobs

We offer qualified part-time jobs that will bring value to your CV. You can work as a substitute teacher, internally with us at Chalmers Rekrytering or at an exciting client of ours.

Full-time jobs

While you study towards your degree, we take our time to find the job of your dreams. We offer full-time jobs for newly graduated students across a variety of fields.

Summer jobs

We also help you find a qualified job for the summer. Thanks to our big client base we can offer meritorious summer jobs to most of the sections at Chalmers.


During your last year at Chalmers, we can help you find an adequate company to do your thesis. The thesis is for many students the smoothest way to establish themselves in the working life and acquire important contacts.


Obtain valuable experience!


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Tips & advice

Read more about how you can improve your CV, cover letter and how to act at a job interview.

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