How we handle your personal data

When you register at Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering, you approve that AB Chalmers Studentkår company group collects and stores your personal data in accordance to GDPR and other relevant legal guidelines.

Personal data are information that you leave in conjunction with an apply, dialog before an interview and/or a job interview. Moreover, personal data includes name, personal (security) number, address, telephone number, information regarding education, education-ID and CV as you upload when applying for a job or signs up in our candidate bank. Grades and other certificates you upload or send us are also included in the term “personal data”.

This agreement lasts until you inform us that you would like to end your account, or until Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering ends your account. If your account is ended, it might still be necessary for us to save some data depending on other legal rules, e.g. information about how long you have worked etc.

How we store your data

We will store your data until you inform us that you would like to end your account, or until Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering ends your account. Although, not longer than one (1) year after your date of graduation. In some exceptional cases, e.g. an ongoing legislative process, we will have the right to store your data longer than one (1) year.

You have the right to get notified regarding which personal data we store about you once a year. Send us a signed request to Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering AB (Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering AB 4, 412 58 Gothenburg).

Why do we store your personal data?

Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering AB collects personal data that are necessary in order to establish an eventual employment for you. The information is also used to make you aware of relevant employments within our staffing projects and in order for us to make a justified selection to our clients.

Moreover, your personal data will be used in order for us to draw statistical conclusions regarding your registration and our working processes.

Your personal data may be used by AB Chalmers Studenkår’s company group’s employees and in some cases be communicated with our clients.

In some cases, our final client is a client of our clients. In these cases, your personal data might be transmitted to the final client. However, we will not transmit your personal data to a third-party client, that is, other companies, organisations, counties, county councils, the state or individuals that Chalmers Rekrytering AB does not have a professional relation to, without your consent.

There are exceptional situations, in which we might have to store, use and/or transmit your personal data to other parties:

  • E.g. during a legal process, legal regulation or in order to please an executive institution.


GDPR exists to protect you and your personal data. Read more about GDPR here

Hereby, I certify that I have read and understood the above mentioned information and agree with Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering AB right to treat my personal data in accordance to above described information.


If you have questions, please contact

Josefin Nilsson, EVP

Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering AB
Sven Hultins Gata 4
412 58 Göteborg.

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