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Sweden's Biggest Student-Run Recruitment Company

Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering is one of the Student Union’s group of companies. It is established and lead by students to help clients to find the right students for their companies and projects. Chalmers Rekrytering also helps students to develop, gain professional experiences and find their new employers.

A Project Manager at Chalmers Rekrytering will be directly responsible for recruiting students at Chalmers University of Technology to help companies find new members. This will require collaboration with other Project Managers, Business Area Manager, HR, Executive Vice President and the CEO. The Project Manager role is a work you can easily commit with along with your studies and it will begin this coming fall term.

Working as a Project Manager entails;

  1. Becoming a part of an inclusive and diverse organization dedicated to work for both the clients & students at Chalmers.
  2. Having the possibility of meeting and creating contacts with other students, clients, possible employer, & other key members in the engineering industry.
  3. Developing and gaining insight in sales, business perspective & recruitment processes within the engineering industry.
  4. Gaining experience in sales, headhunting  & project management.
  5. Preparing & performing presentation for clients.
  6. Obtaining a leading & managing experience that can be helpful as a working experience.

Any questions regarding the work and responsibility of a Project Manager can be sent to Alexandra Flora Alto (Executive Vice President), 0723 660 888, or Alvin Leimo (CEO),

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