We are Sweden’s biggest student driven recruiting company

Chalmers Rekrytering is Chalmers student union’s own recruiting company. We strive to help chalmers students to establish themselves in the work market.  

Since our start in 2008, we have helped many students to take the next leap in their careers – and many companies to find the right student. We have done this so well, that we are today Sweden’s biggest student driven recruitment company.


Briefly about us

Our business is founded on relations. We mediate the competence of driven and ambitious students to the right place. Our staff consists entirely of students from Chalmers and from the university of Gothenburg. Our strength lies within our knowledge of Chalmers and it’s different sections, and also our interest in our clients needs. We call ourselves “the recruiting family” and are characterized of our entrepreneurship. We see all relations as important and no ideas are impossible to realize.

Goals and vision

Our vision is to become a natural partner in recruiting and staffing solutions, for both students and companies. Through commitment, development and professionalism we strive to be the natural bridge between studies and work for all students of Chalmers.


In our company every member gets to experience how to run a business. In order to do so, a good amount of commitment is needed, which is the common treat within our staff. The structure of the company is flat and the ways of communication are short, which makes it easy to really get a good sense of how everything is organized. Only the level of ambitiousness limits the degree of involvement for every co-worker. Our commitment often results in satisfied clients who take the opportunity to work with us multiple times.


We appreciate every co-worker’s opportunity to develop personally. Our ambition is to offer our staff experiences and knowledge that they cannot receive from their studies. We know that every co-worker has something to offer, but also something to develop. We see our company as a platform of education, where every co-worker gets the chance to be challenged, receive merits and experiences that add value to the studies.


Whether you are a client of ours who is looking for a new member of your company, or a student who is looking for the perfect job, you can always expect a high level of professionalism from us. We walk the extra mile to please your peculiar needs. With the help of our HR-staff we can guarantee a high-quality recruiting process. We love to recieve feedback after a finished project in order for us to develop our service.

Who are we?

Here you will find our contact details to our staff.

Success stories

Our stories. Read more about our previous recruitments, and what benefits they have generated for students.

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