A lot of people get a little doubtful when reading “attach cover letter”. What is it supposed to contain, why is it necessary and how should it be constructed? Your cover letter works as a complement to your CV and should be constructed in line with the job you’re applying for. Below follow some advices which can be helpful to keep in mind when writing a cover letter.



Personal details

Name, telephone number, email, address and date of birth.

Personal traits

The cover letter should be professional, but don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Working experience

Your cover letter should work as a complement to your CV. That’s why you should highlight and develop things that you find extra important.

Competences and skills

Describe and give examples of how your competences and skills make you a good candidate for the job.


How did you hear about this job?

What made you interested in the job and company? 

Who are you? What motivates you? Which of your personal traits do you think can help you in this job?

How can you contribute to this company? Which experiences, education etc. can help you in this job? Why should we hire YOU? 

Ending: Summarize the most important parts in your profile. Don’t forget a distinct way of saying goodbye. For example, write that you’re looking forward towards a personal meeting where you can tell more about yourself.


Avoid clichés

Try to avoid using clichés. Instead, give concrete examples of your qualities and experiences.

Connect your cover letter to the job

Prove that you fulfils the standards that are required for the job. Don’t be afraid to draw connections to your CV and give examples of your competences.


No longer than 1 page

The cover letter should be well structured, easy to get a grasp of and no longer than one A4 page.

One final check

Always let someone else read the cover letter to avoid typos, grammar errors etc before you apply.

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Interview technique

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