Patrik got a extra job as a software developer at Sendify with our help.


Patrik's Role

Software developer

Patrik's Studies

Computer engineering

Att jobba extra behöver inte bara innebära mer pengar i fickan. Patrik Koskennjemi menar att extrajobbet på Sendify har förändrat hans syn och förväntan på arbetslivet som väntar efter Chalmers.
-The job has given me an enhanced understanding of what is expected from me after Chalmers. I have become more motivated and got a better general picture of my studies, says Patrik.

At Sendify Patrik works with software development – a perfect extra job for a computer engineering student.
-Firstly, my work is about creating something for real. It’s not a lab, but something that will actually be used by people, says Patrik.

Big demand on the labour market
In Patrik’s case, it went fast from the time he applied to a signed contract. His experience is that there are big opportunities for anyone looking for a extra job.
-There’s a huge demand for labour, so if you would like to work besides the studies, you just need to take the leap. Every little bit of knowledge is requested, that’s my picture of the situation anyways, Patrik continues.

A smooth process
Patrik got in touch with the job through a Facebook status. Hon contacted Chalmers Rekrytering quickly, and after a interview with us and Senidfy, the job was his.
-Everything went really smooth when I became recruited. I feels almost like when you had a good soccer referee: you have nothing to complain about, Patrik explains when he looks back at his experience with Chalmers Rekrytering.

Used to the spotlight
Being interviewed about his work is nothing new for Patrik. Just last spring he did a similar interview for Sendify. You can read that article through their website.

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