Last year, Selma got the perfect summer job through us. Here you can read about Selma’s summer at Epoq kitchen.


Selma's role

Kökskonstruktör på Epoq

Selma's studies

Architecture and engineering

It was last spring that Selma got the summer job as a kitchen constructor at Epok. A job that turned out to be both stimulating and educative. The job did not only generate valuable experience, but also additional value to her studies.
-I have learned so much about the programs we used and about construction of kitchens. But also, very much about business structures as well, says Selma.

Contact with the real world
Selma is in her third year of studying the architecture and engineering program. She says that the school, admittedly, is educative, but the things you learn often can be too theoretical.
-The best thing about the job was that I felt like I was contributing to the business and theier results. I got the make my own decisions and often felt needed, which is a feeling I seldom feel in school. This job was very practical, which was the biggest difference from school, Selma says.

Do you have any advice to people who, just like you, are searching for a meritorious job?
-Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job! The easiest way to find cool jobs is if someone you know tells you about them. Don’t be shy to tell everyone that you are looking for a fun job, says Selma.

By acting according to her own advice, she successfully find the summer job that gave her valuable experience and that extra merit on her CV.
-Don’t be afraid to apply for something that may sound a little boring. To CAD a kitchen may not seem very glamourous, but it ended up being both funny and educative, Selma continues.

Recommends Chalmers Rekrytering
In addition to the practical work experience, Selma identifies other benefits in getting a job via Chalmers Rekrytering.
-A fun thing regarding working with Chalmers Rekrytering is to get to know other students of Chalmers and in that way expand my network. You get to know people from other sections, which can create different opportunities. It’s very good to get a job through Chalmers Rekrytering from a networking perspective!

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