Have you ever hesitated to apply for a job because you weren't sure about your CV? Or, maybe you find it challenging to create a well designed CV? Whatever difficulties you’re facing, we’ll give you advices that can help you make your CV better. Follow the easy steps below, and you’ll find yourself with a competitive CV in no time!


Your CV should contain:

Personal details

Name, telephone number, email, address and date of birth.


During what time, when you graduate, which school, and a short description of the education.

Relevant working experience

Here you should write which relevant working experience you have. The fact that you washed dishes in a restaurant seven year ago may not be relevant for the job you’re applying to now. During what time, your job title, which company, where and a short description of your tasks are good to have written down on the CV.Under vilken tidsperiod, vilken befattningen var, vilket företag, ort och kort beskrivning av din roll.


How good you talk and write in different languages.

Other merits

Have you been active in a non-profit organisation? Do you have a driver license? Have you been to the army? Etc.

Information and references

You should only add references if the job demands it. Otherwise, you should inform that references will be given if asked for. The referred persons should be informed about which jobs you are applying for and that they may be contacted


Keep it short

Keep your CV short and concise (1-2 pages), so it presents a brief picture of you, your experiences and abilities. If it becomes to long, try to cut down the descriptions of your jobs, education etc.

Adapt after the job

It’s important to adapt your CV after the job you’re applying for – your internship in 8th grade may be relevant for some applications, but not for all.

Easy to read

Try to have a layout that’s professional and easy to follow, with a logical structure.

Don’t explain everything

Only explain the jobs that need to be explained. For example, most people know which tasks a mail carrier have, while a lab technician is more difficult to know.


A picture of you is always good.

One final check

Always let somebody else read your application before you apply.

Want valuable work experience?

Interview technique

Whether you’re new on the working market or have tons of experience, the feeling of nervousness is often present during an interview We give you our advices, how to prepare and act during the interview.

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