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Creating a better everyday life for many people

Company Description
At IKEA, we have a big vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. And that starts with the people we recruit and develop.

The range is our identity and the product information is an essential part of the IKEA Concept. New technology is changing behavior and the demands for new ways to interact and share real-time insights are essential for continuous growth. Inter IKEA Group has started the digital transformation. We will now start one of the exciting journeys to build this new core digital backbone for IKEA that will protect, secure, and allow the development of our key assets.  We have been successful with the assets we have today and we will continue to be in the future while we work on this transition. We take a leading approach; transforming complexity for the few into simplicity for the many. IKEA culture and values will guide us on the way, today and tomorrow.

With the IKEA vision – to create a better everyday life for the many people – as a starting point, we focus on creating capabilities and solutions that are relevant in the life at home today and tomorrow. Care to join us?

Assignment Description
Right now IKEA is looking for driven and talented people who will join us for a 6 month trainee program with the purpose of becoming our future stars in software engineering. The program is located in Helsingborg.

As a software engineer trainee within the Data Distribution & Integration team, you will develop new backend software solutions, but also manage existing solutions to provide data to entities both within (integrations) and outside (distribution) of IKEA.

What you will do:

Learn how to use a variety of technologies, tools, and ways of working.
Develop software solutions using modern technologies:

  • Microservices (Java 11, Spring Boot, Apache Maven, Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Kafka
  • Learn how to interpret high-level designs and create implement your own low-level design.
  • Get familiar with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Get involved in solving software-related production incidents and problems.
  • … And much more!

As part of the trainee program, you will be assigned a buddy, who was a trainee last year, to help you through you first 6 months at IKEA. This will help you, and the other trainees, to get as much as possible from the program.

About You
Are you a Software Engineer who has just finished your studies and wants to develop new skills at IKEA? Do you find the above assignments interesting and have the same vision as IKEA? We are searching for a great variety of digital talents. We want you to be driven and genuinely interested in creating a better everyday life for people.

What drives IKEA to do what they are doing? – Take a look at the short video to know more.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Alvin Leimo (CEO), and Alexandra Flora Alto (EVP),

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