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Website YouPic

About the company:

YouPic was founded in 2012, with the aspiration of transforming a photographer’s journey to greatness into a digital platform and is today the home to almost 4 million photographers. Apart from being a place to find breathtaking imagery, YouPic has also become a platform for creators to share the impact of their photography with the world, build an audience and be a part of the global photography community. But the easiest way to understand what we do is to visit the website youpic.com.

About the employment

The YouPic culture is centered around freedom, ownership of your work and strong result orientation. At the moment we mostly work from home but we have an office close to Domkyrkan where you can work if you prefer. We don’t have any specific demands on your skills but expect you to learn what’s necessary on the job. With that being said, we expect you to have a strong personal interest in software development and to be a fast learner.

The current tech stack we’re operating is:

  • Main backend servers implemented in Kotlin using a custom async library based on Netty. Hosted on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Other backend services are written in Kotlin or C++, hosted by multiple providers.
  • Databases: MySQL for the main state, Redis for frequently changing derived data, ElasticSearch for various search functionality.
  • Various periodic scripts are written in either Python or Kotlin.
  • Frontend implemented as a SPA using React + Redux.
  • Server-side rendering on Node. js-based servers.
  • Frontend servers implemented in C++ using a custom async library.
  • The Android app is written in Kotlin with mostly custom views rather than XML-based.
  • The iOS app is written in Swift with mostly custom views rather than storyboards.

Let us know if this is a place where you could be interested in making your mark and have your code used by millions.

If you are looking for employment start after summer at YouPic check

If you have more question contact:

 Abdal Alobeissi – Project Leader – Email : abdal.alobeissi@chalmersrekrytering.se

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