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Website Satcom - Advanced engineering projects with the freedom of a start up

Advanced engineering projects with the freedom of a start up

Imagine a remote island in the Pacific Ocean that was just hit by a tornado. All infrastructure is down, but in order to save lives the medics quickly need to communicate with the mainland. This is where the engineering team at Satcube AB, and possibly you, enter the picture.


Satcube AB is a startup working in the SATCOM industry, based in Gothenburg and with production in Karlstad. Consisting of a small but strong team of professionals with 30 years of experience in the business, we are working on revolutionizing the satellite communications industry. The core of the company is our lightweight satellite terminal, capable of providing high speed internet to any location on earth. This is done by sending radiowaves 36000km into space, aimed at a satellite that is only a couple of meters wide, before retransmitting the signal back down. Our advanced terminal then interprets this signal – an internet connection has been established!


  • You are primarily going to be working on developing the embedded systems of the satellite terminal. This requires a great deal of personal initiative and problem solving. Due to the limited physical constraints of the product, you will have to delve deep into optimizing performance without causing extra weight, size or cost. Most of your time will be spent in Gothenburg, but with occasional visits to Karlstad.
  • Because we are a small team with big visions you are also going to be working together with other colleagues on separate projects, very likely in areas outside of your exact previous experience. We can guarantee that no two days will be the same and that you will rapidly develop many new skills sets by working with us.


  • Responsibility from day one.
  • Cutting edge engineering challenges on a daily basis.
  • Work in a highly international business with partners and clients all over the globe. Overseas client meetings are frequent.
  • Experience being part of the rapid growth of a startup.
  • Learn about a fascinating industry. Make space your backyard!


Required experience:

  • University degree in computer engineering
  •  Good knowledge in C
  • Good familiarity with *nix systems
  •  Basic knowledge of real time operating systems
  • English professional proficiency

Desired experience:

  • Some knowledge of Rust and Python
  • Web development (frontend / backend)
  • Continuous integration
  •   Swedish professional proficiency
  • Relevant hard skills are necessary for the success of the applicant, but the most crucial attributes are your personal interest and dedication. Soft skills that are particularly valued are the ability to work independently, wanting to learn new things and to thrive on responsibility.


Send your CV and cover letter to jakob.kallmer@satcube.com before the 1st of October. All applications are considered in an ongoing manner, meaning that the position could be filled before the set deadline.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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